Songs of oral tradition in the Breton language
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Welcome to the world of popular songs of the oral tradition in the Breton language. This collection was made up of transcriptions which were often made by the collectors themselves for books, magazines or manuscript collections. The collection corresponds to what is generally known as ‘oral literature’, ‘traditional songs’, ‘Breton songs’, or ‘folklore’.

Extract - Théophile Salaün (1894) – Lannion Town Hall

It is sometimes difficult to place the boundary between the domain of the "traditional" domain, that is to say, songs transmitted orally with all the minor or important modifications that this can bring to the original text, and what remains of the "literary" domain, that is to say, a personal work, fixed by writing to respect the will of its author.
The "literary" domain refers to the other part of this site: printed broadsheets. This section on "oral tradition" refers to songs that have been collected from traditional ‘source’ singers.

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The site in numbers

This site brings together Breton songs from the oral tradition in 2747 song-types. These songs resulted in 18332 occurrences published or included in manuscripts. These instances correspond to 9451 different versions. For the 5258 versions, the singer and the place of collection are unknown. For the others, they were collected from 1493 different singers, in 404 communes by 420 collectors.
It is possible to consult 7368 PDF files on line through the site. 3153 scores and 663 interpretations are listenable in MP3 format.
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