Songs of oral tradition in the Breton language
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Release 8 (August 2021)

Addition of 849 Mp3:
  • 25 scores from the collections of Maodez GLANNDOUR.
  • 41 scores by Joseph CANTELOUBE, Anthologie des chants populaires français.
  • 25 scores published in the Revue des Traditions Populaires between 1887 and 1912.
  • 5 scores published in the Revue de Bretagne et de Vendée between 1889 and 1903.
  • 98 scores published by Loeiz HERRIEU in Chansons de France review between 1910 and 1913.
  • LA VILLEMARQUÉ, Barzaz-Breiz:
    41 scores for the 1845 edition
    92 scores for the 1867 edition
  • 492 scores by Yves LE DIBERDER, Chansons traditionnelles du pays vannetais (1910-1915).
Thanks to the Morbihan Departmental Archives in Vannes for allowing us to upload the LE DIBERDER scores from the work they published in 2010. The computer files of these scores were kindly provided to us. André LE MEUT, who had entered them, took the trouble to review them to adapt them to online listening. LE DIBERDER's work is still available from the Archives du Morbihan. This work includes more than 800 scores which will be gradually put online on the site.

All other scores have been processed by Patrick DUPLENNE.
Currently 2295 scores can be listened to in Mp3 on the site.

Addition of 532 Pdf:
  • LA VILLEMARQUÉ, Barzaz-Breiz:
    55 Pdf for the 1839 edition
    84 Pdf for the 1845 edition
    92 Pdf for the 1867 edition
  • GOURVIL Francis, Hersart de La Villemarqué et le “Barzaz-Breiz”: 43 Pdf
  • Different Broadsheets present in the Oral Tradition.
Currently, 5752 Pdf are available on the site.

Extension of the Oral Tradition catalog
The extension of Patrick MALRIEU's catalog continues with the addition of 65 new song types. Their summaries were written by Laurence BERTHOU-BÉCAM. Their titles in Breton have been reviewed by Pascal LINTANF. Their titles in English have been reviewed by Mike JAMES. Yann-Fañch KEMENER’s book, Carnets de route, added 54 of these new type songs (M-02459 to M- 02515).

The Oral Tradition catalog currently lists 2,151 song types and 13,998 song occurrences.

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