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Release 13 (February 2024)

Mathurin BULÉON

In 2012, Dastum Bro Ereg and the Departmental Archives of Morbihan published the book Mathurin BULÉON, Chansons traditionnelle du pays vannetais resuming the collections of the latter preserved in his manuscripts (Set of 36 notebooks, collections of scores, collected between 1902 and 1929).

All 670 versions of songs from this work are now available on the site with the addition of the 271 versions that were not yet mentioned and which have given rise to the creation of 232 new songs-types (M-02783 to M-03014). Of these new songs-types, 123 correspond to fragments of a single verse. However, it seemed interesting to take them into account. The summaries of these fragments reproduce their text in full.

The 882 occurrences of the songs in the manuscripts have also been added. The 104 Pdfs of the first 6 notebooks are now accessible. This is the first time that these original documents have been made available to the public. Thanks to Nolwenn MONJARRET who authorized their postings. These notebooks were scanned by Loeiz ER BRAZ. Pdfs from other notebooks will be added later.

Addition of 179 scores
Thank you to the Archives of Morbihan in Vannes for allowing us to put the scores of this work online and for having graciously provided us with the computer files. André LE MEUT, who had entered them, took the trouble to revise them in order to adapt them to online listening. BULÉON's book is still available from the Archives of Morbihan. This book includes 542 scores that will gradually be put online on the site.


Addition of 96 Pdf from the Gilliouard Manuscripts.

Alexandre LÉDAN

Addition of 30 summaries of songs from the Lédan Manuscripts.

Improved search

Searches with accents and special characters have been improved: you can now search with pasted " œ" (like œdipus) or with ñ (like Fañch), for example. Previously, not all results were displayed.

The Oral Tradition catalogue currently lists 2647 songs-types and 7667 occurrences of songs.

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